Sep 6, 2010

Wedding Invitations

I did some spring cleaning this weekend and unearthed various parts to our wedding invitations.  I'm the opposite of a pack rack and wanted to throw these things away, but found that difficult.  My compromise was to photograph them to post here, to be memorialized.
I designed these invitations myself, printed most pieces myself (mistake!) and with the help of a few friends, assembled everything, stuffed envelopes and mailed them!  Quite the task, but for someone like me I don't think I would've been content to let someone else design them.  The only piece missing is to show you how the items came in their envelope; tied three times around with twine in a small bow. 

Also other misellanious wedding items that I photographed this weekend. 
Wedding program I designed
Wedding purse, sewn by Sheila and embroidered by my mom

Josh's boutonniere, preserved really well! 
My amazing and beautiful bouquet, which dried really well I must say!  Sheila did all the flowers and I think they were one of my favorite parts about the wedding. 


  1. I love drying flowers and your bouquet looks so pretty!!!

  2. I remember loving your invitation so much when I received it! (Feeling a little guilty that the White Sox stole me away for your big day...)

  3. Glad you liked getting one in the mail! (NO guilt ok?!) I was surprise the flower dried so nicely, they even still smelled great when I was photographing them! :)