Mar 18, 2012

Baby's Room is Ready!

At long last, the baby's room is finished! Its been quite a process and my husband has done a ton of stuff to the room including new door, new wall, new lights, new baseboards and a new closet organization system!  Pretty much he has the nicest room in the house at this point.  We're really happy with the way it turned out, just walking into it makes me feel cheerful and excited, I hope that it does that for baby pickle too.

On a different note, I've decided that this is going to be my last blog post.  It was kind of a long time coming, as you can see its already been 3 months since I last posted, but I was still sad to come to realize that I no longer felt compelled to post new things.  But to be honest, Pinterest has really filled my need for noting beautiful things, commenting on art, and bookmarking crafts and future ideas.  Follow me there, I'll keep posting my new design projects as well as anything I'm selling in my Etsy shop (when I re-open it eventually!).

Thanks for looking, enjoy the photos of pickle's nursery!

The fruit of the spirit artwork I designed, printed & mounted.  We wanted something meaningful on the walls that pickle can look at and learn while growing up.  It was so fun to design!  Got the bookshelf from Ikea, lamp from Home Goods, books & toys as amazing gifts from so many generous people. 
Close-up on the fruit of the spirit artwork.  If you'd be interested in buying a set of these, you can email me through Etsy and my shop. :) I'd be willing to make more if people want to buy them. 

I hung the ABC flashcards on the wall, the designs by Lorena Siminovitch are beautiful.  Got the crib sheet from Target, my mom sewed the crib skirt with fabric I found at Joann's and the quilt over the side of the crib is also something my mom made a long time and and really inspired the 'brightly colored' theme of the room. 
I love how she picked some unusual things to illustrate for certain words, makes it so fun and unpredictable! 
Close-up on the quilt, so bright and beautiful!

The mobile! Mom crocheted the ball and I hung them, I think it turned out beautifully. 

Curtains from Walmart, zig-zag rug from Urban Outfitters. 
Another mom creation, she created the blanket to match the mobile. 

Love this bulletin board, just covered it with paper from Linwood Ave and got the grow sign for Christmas.  Also Z (my niece) made pickle the cutest 'we can't wait to meet you pickle' sign we hung up for his arrival. 

Dresser/changing table, got such a good deal at the Land of Nod outlet.  Got the bird prints from Beethings.

And a picture of the closet because Josh worked so hard to make it functional and space effective! 

Mar 12, 2012

Baby Boy Announcements

In gearing up for a baby boy, I realized that all the designs I had stock piled for baby announcements were very girly.  So I set about creating some for boys! Its been a lot of fun, and I've gone a more simple route this time, which I'm liking.  Here are some of the roughs that we decided not to use so enjoy! The real announcement will come to everyone in the mail or get posted here once pickle has arrive and it is truly finished.  :)

[*No, those are not real baby names we're considering, and no those are not photos of any babies we know personally, they're cute though!] 

Dec 21, 2011

Christmas Cookie Party

I've never thrown a Christmas party before this year and I'm thinking now, that it's something I'd really like to do again!  It was so much fun and around this time of year it makes for such a festive time.

I also did a little more 'display' things for the party then I would normally, which made it feel special and exciting.  Here's some photos!

Dec 1, 2011

It's a DIY Christmas!

Since the invention of Pinterest, so many crafts have come to light!  I got in the mood again for some crafting and this Christmas I decided to do a few of them! My home is now officially 'decked' for the holidays! 
A 'Merry Christmas' sign I designed, cut and strung up in our family room.

My Christmas-themed yarn wreath. Same idea as my other yarn wreaths but with Christmas colors. 

Pom pom garland.  Sadly it doesn't hang as elegantly as I had wanted, but I still love the concept!  I took the leftover white yarn from the yarn wreath (I would never knit with this, very cheap, does not feel nice to touch!) and created dozens of pom-poms in various sizes.  Then I strung them on some yarn and voila! 

Cutest little white bottle brush tree, found at Joann's for $1, sugar on the bottom, little red cookie sprinkles on the tree and on the bottom for some color.  All in a vase I had. Ideas are here!

Nov 30, 2011

Baby on the Brain

Sorry for those of you who are not interested in baby things.  But here's more stuff I'm wanting to do, make, buy for the nursery! 
Josh loves bunnies, I love sweet simple photos, its a marriage made in heaven!  From The Animal Print Shop, great, simple photos of all kinds of animals.  

From HappyasLarry Designs, awesome rug!  If only it were a little cheaper or I could make something
As a more practical and affordable option for the floor, I got this rug from Urban Outfitters for the room.  Just to add a little brightness to the boring carpet we've got in there. 

Since I love type, and lately chunky geometric slab serif fonts like this one, I couldn't pass this up.  And I got it for Christmas, so exciting!  From William Dohman on Etsy.  And they have so many other great phrases too, this just was my favorite 'baby' phrase. 

Since I'm going all out multi-colored everything for pickle, why not this too?  Either I'll create it myself and frame it, or I'll make something similar for the birth announcement with maybe just a photo on the back.  We shall see....but love this overlapping type in block formation! Thanks for the inspiration Apple Blossom Print.