Sep 23, 2010

Bathroom Organization

I'm of the opinion that it is difficult to have an organized bathroom when it is small.  However, as I started looking around for materials on this subject, I found that I was wrong!  I think its all about being creative with the space.   Now most of these are not from my own experience but I'm determined to implement some this winter while trapped inside.
This one is from me, I love the way soap dishes look, many of them are clean simple, this one (from Crate & Barrel) is bright silver with lovely texture.  The only downside to soap dishes is that I don't like giving our guests just a bar of soap to wash their hands!  So, I combined a regular soap dispenser on the soap dish.  It gives the bathroom a more polished look then just a plain dispenser, but doesn't have the mess of a bar of soap.  For me its the perfect marriage.
I don't typically peruse Martha Stewart's website, but when I want organization, that is a key place I will look.
For those like me with small bathrooms, this presents a great solution for storage, installing a nice white shelf above the door.  I also like that they've used apothecary jars and baskets to hold the items, classing it up a bit more then just a bunch of bottles. 

For those who don't have the wall space to hang towels, this is also a great solution (from Martha Stewart also). 
I've been eager to get one of these for underneath my sink ever since I saw this photograph (Martha Stewart again! She's an organizational genius!).  I love the pull out drawer but mostly, I really love the hooks on the inside of the cupboard door.  Such a better use of space then shoving the hairdryer into a drawer and taking up all that space.
More to come on organization later!

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