Sep 14, 2010

Birthday Designs

Lately I've been working on some exciting designs for one of my good friend's son's 1st birthday!  I was so excited she asked me and this project has been the highlight for me to design lately!  The party is going to be a jungle theme (SO cute!) and the colors are brown, lime green and orange.
I'll be getting some great photographs of the party after it's all put together, but I'm so excited about the fun designs we've come up, I wanted to give everyone a little preview! 
Cupcake toppers
Water bottle wrapper

Party favor tag, isn't that phrase the cutest?!  (Can't take credit for that, all Delane)


  1. I love these!!!! You are so freaking talented : )

  2. Um, hello, these are AWESOME!!!!!!! Good gosh, I wish I could do this! Nice work, Jill! :)