Sep 28, 2010

More Paper (Bien Sur!)

As I continue to look for interesting wedding invitations to inspire what I'll be doing for my aunt's invitations, I stumbled across three places that for me, everything I saw was lovely!  These blogs/sites are Wedding Paper Divas, Oh So Beautiful Paper, and Delphine.  These three websites post mostly on printed wedding pieces pieces in a variety of styles and colors. They also act as great inspiration (for me on this project) for fancier events you might be planning or just cute little host gifts or dessert or decor tips in a larger space. 
Here's a few previews from Wedding Paper Divas.

I like how they group images together from weddings with a particular theme, i.e. vineyards or the coast etc.  It's nice to get the whole picture of the event from start to finish, in addition to just showing the invitations the couple sent out.

Here's a few examples from Oh so Beautiful Paper

What else do you say about those?  Lovely, and another testament to how photography of the items plays such a huge part! 
Also, in my perusals, I found the site Delphine.  Its more of on the side of producing invitations/cards instead of a funnel of good ideas like the other two, but I really enjoy the innovative things they offer for people planning a wedding.  Some are shown below.  Enjoy!

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