Mar 29, 2011

Baby Shower Designs [Part 2]

Hooray, another follow up post!  I've been so amazed to have such great clients that love my work enough to take photographs that I can put on here!  It's been great working with people do cool stuff like this Baby Shower design set.  I had such a blast doing it, and here's what the final products looked like and how the shower turned out.   I think they're wonderful!  (Pieces from this design set, and the whole set, are for sale in my Etsy shop). Enjoy!

Banner hanging

The cutest matching cake I've ever seen!! 
Invitation and matching thank you card

Mar 25, 2011

Outdoor Items

As usual, when spring begins to approach (always too slowly), I start thinking about what new pieces are out there for outdoor entertaining. To add to my last post on the subject, these amazing pieces are also worth perusing.  It's just so fun, I think, to have an excuse to buy different types of serving pieces for use outdoors, plus you lose the stress you might have over using (and possibly damaging) your regular dishes when you're eating outdoors.
This pitcher/glass set is perfect for outdoor drinking of lemonade!

 This set of BBQ gingham plates, burger boats, bowls and a serving dish in the shape of a pig, is excellent and will make any BBQ feel so festive!
From World Market

And this Jonathan Adler 'Kaleidoscope' Melamine set!  Love these.

Mar 17, 2011

Kitchen Backsplash [Part 2]

I often try and predict home decor trends but have had little success, mostly because my experience is really just limited to my own preference and what I see online and in stores.  That's why, I enjoy reading posts like this one from Colour me Happy!  Its fun to jump on the trend band wagon, but I'm sure there are some drawbacks as well (i.e. your house being extremely dated if you don't update it frequently?). 
Anyway, I did a post on kitchen back splashes last year and here we are again with new creative ideas emerging.  Here are some kitchen backsplashes I found related to the post, enjoy!
Photo found on White Haven Interiors via Laurel Street Blog
From Southern Accents
From Decor Pad
From Vintage Modern Homes

Mar 15, 2011

Color Wheels

Seems like lately I've been seeing the most unique color wheels!  Either on purpose or by accident, the color wheel seems to be emerging as a nice info-graphic.  I love the way these people have been using a normal graphic depiction with a small twist to share their point of view.  Check these out!

From Bonnie Krims Architectural Color Consulting Newsletter

Mar 7, 2011

Shower Invitation

Fun shower invite, love the simple gray and white combination.  :)  In my shop for purchase.

Mar 5, 2011

Piet Mondrian's Trees

A while ago I got the chance to go to the Art Institute again, love that place.  I think when I'm there, I'm happy.  Period.  Anyway, I ran across this painting and was reminded how much I love it!  Its a painting called Farm near Duivendrecht, by Piet Mondrian.  I love the amazing colors, the beginning of abstraction to the tree and just the way he captures the tranquility of the setting as a whole.  Found some interesting information on this piece here
 I enjoy Mondrian's work and thought I would share some more of his paintings I've seen and enjoyed in the past.  I love looking at the progression of works also, see where the artist started and where he ended.  With Mondrian's work, especially as it relates to trees, this progression is really interesting.
The Red Tree
The Grey Tree
Composition No. 11
And some of his last work, completely abstract with no curing lines at all.  
More to come later....a round up of Mondrian inspired clothes, home goods and more!