Sep 2, 2010

Organization: Office & Desk

A much needed post (probably part 1 of 2) on organizing your desk and office.  Since we don't have a home office, I'm mainly speaking from my work office experience, although hopefully this winter we'll be re-doing the man-room into an office!
For starters I would like to say that if you come in my office at work during the day, it is never that organized!  So I don't claim to have this all under control.  I'm mostly just a firm believer in giving everything its place, and having somewhere to put the 'random misc.' things that don't need their own place.  For example, I have tons of magazines floating around my office most of the time.  To solve that problem, or a similar one, is having a catch all basket/file/place for the 'I'll get to it later' items (like my magazines). Something like this (below) can help you keep those things all together, but it doesn't really have to be organized.  I just contains the mess.  (See it here.) 

At home I use something like this in our makeshift office (the family room!) to hold our magazines/extra paper things that lay around.  I purchased this at Target.
I've also considered pieces such as this to contain paper messes on my desk (found here and here).  They're cute, fun to look at but also serve a purpose.  

The second issue I'd like to tackle is how on my desk I'm always looking for a good way to display lists or 'to dos'.  I usually resort to things like multi-colored post-it notes (which are practical and you can find cute ones) but there are other items out there that can make writing notes easier, more colorful and even more organized! 
For example this post-it cube designed by Jonathan Adler.  Keeps everything organized together and it adds some fun color to your desk!
Or for something that's reusable to make lists on, this would be great.  In fact Wallies has tons of these wall stickers in chalkboard style of whiteboard style.  I envision this next to my computer, even right on my desk to house my constant 'to do' notes or 'don't forget' notes. 
 Another post later on more office organization things!

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  1. Great post Jill! I just bought a basket/box like the one above (with the magazines). Definitely helps contain the mess of the "to do" pile.