Sep 14, 2010

Blog Recommendation

I frequent the blog Design*Sponge pretty often and one blog I've learned about through that site is the blog Small Measures by Ashley English.  She recently published books called Canning and Preserving and Keeping Chickens
Her blog is excellent.  She always gives great advice on sustainable living, doing things yourself that you always thought would be too difficult (like the subjects of her books keeping chickens and canning both intimidate me a lot!) and her column on d*s ranges from how to make your own hair rinse to cooking recipes to natural stress reducers
I also recently found a few videos on YouTube of her talking about the benefits of canning and raising your own chickens.  My favorite one is below, and its very convincing!  I've been doing a lot of freezing this summer but next summer might try a hand a canning because of this video.  Check out her blog when you have a minute.

1 comment:

  1. Cool find! I've been considering canning for the last couple of years but haven't taken the plunge quite yet. Perhaps we can encourage each other!