Feb 12, 2010

Orla Kiely

I've become a big fan of Orla Kiely in the last year or so.  Just over a year ago, she partnered with Target to produce a more inexpensive line of products including table cloths, cups, dishes etc. which you can preview here.

I benefited from this release and have myself a beautiful cup in her apple/pear design and a CD holder which I use to hold miscellaneous junk on my counter.  Most of these products can't be found at Target stores anymore, but some are available on ebay if you keep an eye out.
Her clothing is available in limited supply at certain Anthropologie stores, and also on their website.  Like this dress which has the beanstalk pattern.

She's recently released a few new patterns and some of her older patterns in new colors.  Like these mugs.
Also right now on her website she has a pretty amazing sale going on through Feb 14th.  Some of her items are 50% off.  I don't know what the shipping is like, but I'm going to do some shopping!  
She's so creative, turning this sweet, simple car pattern into a chic travel bag...maybe its time for me to start buying new travel accessories for our trip to New Zealand?

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