Feb 25, 2010

Brightening My Office

As I'm sitting in my temporary cube I'm in for this week while my office is being painted, I was thinking about my office.  Really all I did was bring to work all the decorations I have at home that don't really 'fit in' anywhere.  Its basically a mix of left-overs, good left-overs, but the combination leaves something to be desired. I was reading in the latest issue of Chicago Home + Garden a few weeks ago about this amazing shop in Chicago called At Work Design. Their website says this about the products they carry; "it must be aesthetically appealing, make good functional sense and offer sound value."  I like those values in my office supplies.  From there I want to get a few things:
A great alternative (and probably paper saving!) to post-its.  Love it.
And being that I work at a magazine publishing company, I have more magazines then I know where to put, so this is the perfect accessory for my wall.  A unique and slightly decorative at the same time, magazine rack.
As I was thinking about these, I looked found a bunch more I think are must haves.  Most I found at Paper Source.
I enjoy cute places to hang/write notes and both these make me very happy! And of course, to hold up all the books I have at work, mostly becasue my shelves at home won't hold any more...

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