Feb 10, 2010

Color of the Day

I was reading the new issue of House Beautiful that arrived the other day, and it was called the 'blue issue'.  This is so intriguing because I suppose when you think about it, at least in my life, blue is the color I see most often.  It really is everywhere.  The issue talked about all kinds of blues; cornflower, cerulean, aquamarine, turquoise, denim, navy, and plenty more.  (The cerulean mention brought me back to The Devil Wears Prada movie, where Merilyn Streep berates Anne Hathaway for not recognizing the subtle difference between blues, amazing scene).  But the more I read, the more I felt like blue isn't the color I enjoy the most right now.  At the moment for me, life is all about gray!  I love it, you can pair grey with anything and I love that about it.  It can be dark for a background, it can be light for an accent.  What a versatile color. 
In fact, in the Dec/Jan issue of House Beautiful, Jonathan Adler said his favorite color combination right now is yellow & gray.  So I say, bring on the gray, its my color of the day. 
Here is a great article about designers and their favorite paint colors of gray.  And enjoy the photos of lovely interiors done in grey.

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