Nov 30, 2011

Baby on the Brain

Sorry for those of you who are not interested in baby things.  But here's more stuff I'm wanting to do, make, buy for the nursery! 
Josh loves bunnies, I love sweet simple photos, its a marriage made in heaven!  From The Animal Print Shop, great, simple photos of all kinds of animals.  

From HappyasLarry Designs, awesome rug!  If only it were a little cheaper or I could make something
As a more practical and affordable option for the floor, I got this rug from Urban Outfitters for the room.  Just to add a little brightness to the boring carpet we've got in there. 

Since I love type, and lately chunky geometric slab serif fonts like this one, I couldn't pass this up.  And I got it for Christmas, so exciting!  From William Dohman on Etsy.  And they have so many other great phrases too, this just was my favorite 'baby' phrase. 

Since I'm going all out multi-colored everything for pickle, why not this too?  Either I'll create it myself and frame it, or I'll make something similar for the birth announcement with maybe just a photo on the back.  We shall see....but love this overlapping type in block formation! Thanks for the inspiration Apple Blossom Print.

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