Nov 24, 2011

Baby Pickle's Room

We're having a baby!  Which has turned my mind towards decorating a baby's room, of  course. There's so much out there, I've been overwhelmed in a good way.  Here's what I know:
1. I don't like most pastel colors, I'm more a bright colored type person.  (think color wheel, primary colors etc). 
2. Most baby room themes don't appeal to me personally, I'm more intrigued by color and various graphics as a theme. 
3. The room is painted grey so I knew I'd have to have some exciting things on the walls to make the room feel like a 'kids' room.
Before/during/after pictures of the nursery to come and more awesome things that we're making/buying for pickle!  Here are a few of the things I've thought of, seen, gotten, thought about getting, or are on my list! Enjoy!

No this is not our nursery. :)  Just a cool nursery photo I found on Pinterest.  Love the idea of hanging ABC flash cards.  I'm also a big fan of this IKEA shelf filled with bright colored toys, books, bright colored bins etc. 
For the flash cards, I stumbled across this amazing illustrator!  Lorena Siminovich, check her out, I love everything she does! 
My mom and I are busy like bees, her crocheting these multi-colored balls and me wrapping hoops in yarn.  I hope it turns out as amazing as this mobile!  Thanks screamymimi23 for the inspiration, one of the most unique mobiles I've seen. 
Designed by JHill Design, I love this brightly colored animal alphabet canvas print! 
Charlie Harper's prints I think fit right into the bright theme of the room, thanks sis for introducing me to his illustrations! 
Bedding set from Target, made by Sumersault


  1. You are going to have the best nursery ever! I can't wait to see it. Feel free to put me to work when I'm home for Christmas. :)

  2. Mmmmm what an amazing offer my friend! Perhaps after a honey get together we can put our brains together to figure out how to hang the mobile..its already stumping me a little bit! :)

  3. I have an idea for hanging your mobile that worked for autumn's. I used fishing line. It's clear and durable and gives that floating in the air effect. I love that mobile and want to make one for baby #2. Can I come help with Leigh too? :) I love all of your ideas. :)

  4. Those Ikea shelves look fun....for a toddler to climb! Hahahaha! Have fun feathering your nest!