Dec 1, 2011

It's a DIY Christmas!

Since the invention of Pinterest, so many crafts have come to light!  I got in the mood again for some crafting and this Christmas I decided to do a few of them! My home is now officially 'decked' for the holidays! 
A 'Merry Christmas' sign I designed, cut and strung up in our family room.

My Christmas-themed yarn wreath. Same idea as my other yarn wreaths but with Christmas colors. 

Pom pom garland.  Sadly it doesn't hang as elegantly as I had wanted, but I still love the concept!  I took the leftover white yarn from the yarn wreath (I would never knit with this, very cheap, does not feel nice to touch!) and created dozens of pom-poms in various sizes.  Then I strung them on some yarn and voila! 

Cutest little white bottle brush tree, found at Joann's for $1, sugar on the bottom, little red cookie sprinkles on the tree and on the bottom for some color.  All in a vase I had. Ideas are here!

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