Aug 3, 2010

Yes, Even More Paper

A few samples from what I bought on the paper shopping spree a few weeks ago.  I had so much fun (thanks Lex!).  We went to Paper Doll & Greer and I found beautiful things, wanted them all and only bought a precious few. 
Notepads by Snow & Graham.  I love the simplicity and brightness in their patterns.  See all their products here.  I've been writing many more notes at work now and clipping them to papers.  Adds a little flavor and makes me happy throughout the day.  Great purchases to spice up my work life!
Little blank note cards from EggPress.  I'd never heard of this line before but all their products I saw at the shops we went to were spectacular.  Their products here. Some of you should expect these in the mail...
And here's a couple shots of the large scale paper in one of the stores, most of it was Snow & Graham designs. More photos of what I bought (hopefully before & after style) to come! 

P.S. Thanks to all who've read my blog and told me they have.  Everyone has been so complimentary and I'm really grateful!  This is my 50th post, can you believe it!? 


  1. Do you have Paper Source there? One of my favorite stores!!

  2. Yes we do! We didn't go there this time, but I've got a coupon from them for free shipping....and I've been browsing what I should get! :) Do you have one near you, ours is near-ish. :)