Jul 16, 2010

Organization: Bedroom [Part 1]

One of the things I think I'm gifted with is organization.  Its not always the most glamorous gift, but Josh will confirm that I do love it when things have their very own, very specific place!  Even though it isn't the most glamorous, I'm going to share some things I do at home + some things I've seen online & in magazines that are great ways to keep organized. 
This post is kind of long, so it'll be in 2 parts and focus on things in the bedroom.  [Subsequent posts will continue through other rooms in the house].  Onto the good stuff!

One of the things in the bedroom that can get the most out of control is the jewelry I have.  This container, simply whitewashed (maybe if you know someone handy they could even make one!) is the perfect solution to holding things.  You can find it here at Wisteria.com.
On my dresser I have a little set of shiny containers (in kelly green!) that are specifically made to hold jewelry (got them at Pottery Barn).  I often sort my earrings into the little spaces or place rings, bracelets, charms etc. in them.  They also have a top/cover which is key to hiding the mess inside!

Other pieces I've collected over the years are items that allow you, not to  hide your jewelry away and keep it organized, but display it and therefore keep it organized.  I found this at Urban Outfitters, and it manages very well to keep all my earrings in order, together and displayed really nicely. 
And this to keep all my necklaces untangled and it adds nice color to the walls as well.  Got this at Urban Outfitters as well.  I don't see either of these pieces on their website anymore, but if you look there are plenty of other great ones to choose from. 
I'm a big fan of things that can hold those misc. items that don't really have a place!  One of the things I love most is taking a beautiful soap dish or small bowl that is typically used for food, and using it to hold those miscellaneous items, like this.
You could keep this on your dresser or end table...for me these are the things that don't have a place and end up cluttering up the surfaces in the bedroom if I don't keep them contained somehow! 
More thoughts to come...organizing belts, perfume, drawers and more. 


  1. Love the Wisteria container and Pottery Barn containers...might need to put them on my list:) You can never have enough good solutions for managing your jewelery.

  2. Great ideas, Jill! Thanks for sharing. I love organizing my life, but it doesn't come as easily for me. So this was very helpful.

  3. Glad you guys like the ideas! Most of them come out of many trial and error attempts to organize myself. :) And definitely, can't have enough jewelry containers!