Jul 7, 2010

Kitchen Back-splashes

My parents recently moved into a brand new, beautiful townhouse.  It is lovely and the kitchen is out of this world!  The only thing they decided not to get done professionally was a back-splash in the kitchen.  My mom told me that we should learn how to do it ourselves...so this has been on my mind a lot lately.  In our kitchen at home, I'm not sure I'd opt for a back-splash (our counter tops are kind of dynamic and I feel like it would detract from their pizazz) but I still think they can be fantastic.  I've found some really amazing examples out there that are serving as some inspiration!
Um, hello beautiful!  Talk about making the back-splash truly the focal point of the space.  In most kitchens this might not work, but here it is lovely.

You might not be able to see this really well, but the back-splash is actually a very shiny silver, small tile.  Simple, subtle, really nice in a kitchen like this where the cabinets and counter tops are unique.
And this subway tile, like it on just the one wall. 
I like the idea of having dark cabinets and using the back-splash area to brighten things up like in this example.  A really great balance, and of course the floor helps too!

Lately I enjoy the simplicity of white, black with a little bit of gray mixed in.  What else I love about this is that the tiles have a matte texture to them, they're not your typical high-gloss tiles.  Very unique.

Another great black & white example and I like that here they've chosen a very small mosaic tile...really stands out.  Hope you liked these, find any other ones, comment with a link!


  1. Cool, Jill! Please take pictures whenever you and your mom decide to take this project on.

  2. I will for sure...hopefully we'll tackle it successfully!!

  3. my favorite room in a house!!! :)