Jul 23, 2010

Beautiful Paper Prints

I'm just about to head into Chicago to meet up with a friend. Our objective today is to go on a trek all over the city and visit many delightful paper stores.  I'm so excited!  This got me thinking about beautiful paper designs I've seen recently.  I've shared some of them below, and don't miss the best one at the end...plantable paper!  Enjoy!

A beautiful find, an amazing 4-color screen print.  I love how the red birds stand out, this would go perfectly in my red & blue kitchen no?  Find it here

Two pieces of large size paper that Paper Source produces or imports..not too clear on which.  But great designs, I love the simplicity of the silver & white.  Plus the large sized flowers in the bottom print. 

One of my favorite Cavallini prints!  Of course I do have a bias towards his prints of Paris & London maps, but he does other things, such as this bird print, very well. 
And lastly, since for me in the summer everything comes back to growing, I found this amazing shop on Etsy.com that sells plantable paper!  What an amazing idea, use it then plant it and it brings you beautiful flowers.  Here's the note that comes with your order:
In this paper, little seeds lay asleep,
Waiting to be planted in soil 1/4 inch deep.
Water well then keep moist for 4 to 6 weeks.
Until little plants come out of the soil for a peek.
Many flowers will share their colors to the max.
Like baby blue eyes, purple cone flower and blue flax!


  1. Hello, I stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say hi. So glad to see plantable paper being talked about. We're totally into it too. All the best, Heidi

  2. Hi Heidi!
    That is wonderful, always glad to meet a fellow paper fan! Thanks for looking! And it looks like you create some beautiful paper yourself. Next up, a post on some of the lovely pieces I found last week. Stay tuned!

  3. http://meyerprints-merianbulbflowers.blogspot.com/