Jun 8, 2010

My Favorite Things...

In our house there are a few pieces that are my favorites, pieces I looked long and hard for, created myself or just got a great deal on and feel so lucky to have!  I finally got around to photographing them recently and here they are. 
The highlight here for me is really the old rod iron pieces in the frames.  I got these at the boutique I used to work at and the owner got them in Texas at a flea market, such a find!  I love them, they're definitely the most prominent thing in our family room, being on the wall opposite the entrance, and on the only colored wall in the room. 
A great find from the Kane County Flea Market!  This window (with 2 panes missing) hangs over our piano.  I painted the patterns on the glass to give it a little something extra, but the frame was already distressed white.  I think it brings the whole room together.
Simple, useful, got these from World Market.  Nothing super special, but I love having them in our entry way.

Found this lampshade at the Crate & Barrel outlet on 59.  I couldn't believe my luck, I'd been admiring it on CB2 forever and then there it was!  Josh was kind enough to replace the super ugly chandelier over the dining room table with this lovely textured shade! (Not the best picture, I've got to work on how to photograph lights...)
This is a combo, I mostly love the vinyl decal on the headboard (more about that here), but I also love the fabric I found (at JoAnn's) for those pillows which my mom then sewed.
And last but certainly not least, our headboard.  Its something I got from Nona Jo's (in Naperville), a really great little shop if you're local.  It actually had 4 panels, but I removed one and luckily it fit perfectly!  It's so ornate and such a simple off-white color I couldn't resist, even though it had a rather hefty price tag.   That's all so far, I will post more after this summer's flea market trips and a few of my  refurbishing projects are done.


  1. I love it all! We also found some old windows at the Kane County Flea market. I love that place. I painted two yellow and they're hanging in our living room. I've recently considered putting some fabric I found on Etsy behind the glass panels to give them a little something more, but I love your stencil idea.

  2. Oooo that's a good idea! I saw something like that on D*S except I think it was paper. I'm loving the ideas...and painting them yellow sounds so bright and cheery.
    Yes, the stencil was great, actually I just used a white paint pen and basically drew it on, so easy!