Oct 1, 2009

Facelift for the Bedroom

Josh & I endeavored to redecorate the second bedroom in our house this summer.

It wasn't a remodel, just a face lift with some paint, curtains, bedspread, lamps and wall hangings. I love the colors we chose (indigo for the back wall) and a light (not baby) blue, kind of a cornflower blue.

And the 'headboard' is just a giant vinyl sticker. I ordered it on Etsy which is actually where I got a lot of the things in this new bedroom (love that site!). It was not that expensive and beats buying a brand new headboard. I bought it from Leen The Graphics Queen.

But, my favorite thing about this room is the paper that I framed on one wall. It is an amazing blue (with hints of purple and green) hand marbled paper imported from France. Isn't it gorgeous!?

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