Jun 4, 2010

Architectural Salvage

Architectural salvage places are some of my favorite warehouses to go to and just roam around.  It's also something that I haven't done very much of recently because I don't have that much space to store any pieces I might find and want to take home!  But that doesn't mean I don't keep track of where they are in hopes that I'll have more space one day.  :) 
Places like this really are the best for unique things like vintage signs, beautiful chandeliers, old iron gates, stone sculptures off old buildings, even old arcade games or soda machines.  In fact I bought a beautiful old wooden door at a place like this a few years ago (more on that find later...).  Despite that, I don't typically look for those larger pieces, I tend to look more for smaller accents that will fit subtly into the decor of our home.  Old door knobs, stained glass pieces, small windows, tin wall hangings, wall hooks, iron wall hangings and vintage sconces.

There is a place in Chicago called Olde Good Things which I think is the best place around that has a good selection. I've never been to their store, but they bring a strong presence to the Kane County Flea Market every month which is where I became familiar with thier shop.
Here are some of their new arrivals that I'm hoping to get a good look at at the next flea market!
Beautiful detailing from an old building.

Wouldn't this be lovely on someone's porch or garden? 


  1. I am going to look for them when we visit the flea market! Matt and I went every month last summer in search of an old wooden door. We were going to make a headboard out of it. Alas, we did not have your luck, so we went a different direction: http://bit.ly/bdm4QK. However we did find some great old windows and soap dishes. :)

  2. 'Lovely! Its so funny that you say you were looking for an old door because the one I bought I have yet to turn into something, but that was my thought in the beginning! Josh would've loved if I had given it to you, hehe. I should send you a picture of our headboard, its made out of an old screen or room divider. I think you'd like it. I love your headboard though, nice work Matt! :)