Mar 17, 2010

Liberty of London, for Target

This week is really exciting!  It is the week that Liberty of London launched their line of products especially designed for Target.  How wonderful is it when a designer you love but can't afford, creates a line that incorporates their lovely aesthetic, but at prices you can afford!
*[As a side note, I really love that target does this!  They often take high end designers (Orla Keily, DwellStudio, Rachel Ashwell, and not to mention the clothes designers they've partnered with) and create a line available to regular people.  Well done Target.]*
Here's some of the promotion I've seen at Target stores, leading up to this week's launch.  Really intriguing and great use of their design style incorporated throughout the store.  They obviously wanted to make a splash with this launch. 

What a way to bring in the spring season!  Here are some of the products I love best that have just released.  The patters Liberty of London uses are all the things I love; colorful, bright, whimsical shapes, all on fun products.  Beautiful!


  1. I noticed when this came out too! i loved how they had the designs on the doors as you walked in and hanging in the entrance. I wanted to ask for the door stickies when they were done using them :)

  2. I know, loved their promotion for the new truly was everywhere! :) Haha, I thought of that too...wonder if we looked on ebay if we could find some later one...hmmm