Mar 2, 2010

Laser Cut Jewelry

One thing I've been seeing a lot of lately is laser cut jewelry.  I'm not sure if its because the technology has recently become more affordable for the masses, or having it done for you is cheaper...but I'm excited about it!  I am usually drawn to things that are cut with lasers since I pretty much love most pattern and precise lines. When I first got into scrapbooking you could buy the most precise paper die cuts done by lasers, they were always the most beautiful.  Think of the eiffel tower or something so perfectly cut out of paper, amazing.
Anyway, the neatest thing I've seen recently has been jewelry laser cut out of wood.  Check out these earrings by Molly M Designs.
This set of earrings is laser cut from birch, then layered on top of black suede, what a dynamic combo!  Check them out here.
Some of my other favorites, and what an eye for the layering off different textures and colors.  Really love this work.
She also does larger laser cuts of wood like this one, cut from bamboo.  

There's also plenty of sellers on Etsy that sell jewelry like this, check out Henderson Dry GoodsNylon Sky, and Little Red Lantern.

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