Mar 12, 2010

Letters, letters & more letters!

I enjoy letters, I think this comes out of a typography class I took in college.  Studying type, fonts, letters and how the fonts differ but each letter carries the same things is pretty interesting.  And even looking at how one font differs ever so slightly from the next, but gives it an entirely new look makes me always look very closely at type. 
So speaking of letters, lately, a design trend I've seen more and more of, is letters.  Prints of letters, vintage letters from old buildings hung on walls, photos of letters in various places, objects that look like letters spelling out words,even in my simple office I've got the letter H covered in some patterned paper leaning up against my bulletin board.
 There are thousands out there, but here are few of my favorites I've come across:

J is for Jackrabbit by JHill Design.  I love the colors and the silhouette of the animal, perfect for a kids' room or really anywhere.  I'm also not usually a fan of really light colored wood, but I think the frame in the photo on the left is suited perfectly.

From VivaTerra a lovely addition to any kitchen if you have the wall space (alas I do not, sigh). 
A beautiful print on Etsy, from the shop font supply.  I pretty much love all their prints, but this letter stood out to me.
 There are some vintage sign letters that can be found on Etsy, this is by far my favorite.

A local store in Geneva, IL called Cocoon had this display on their wall, each letter for sale.  Loved the jumbled letter display (however, slightly impractical for a home.)
I've been thinking a lot about where I could another letter up in my house, (I have one in the house acting as a bookend in the living room) and I think there's such a thing as overdoing it on letters.  I don't want suddenly there to be a jumble of letters around, I think it detracts from the meaning/uniqueness of them.  If I think of another place to showcase one, I'll let you know.

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