Jul 6, 2011

Photography Dilemma

A while back we got a gift certificate to CanvasOnDemand.com for a 16x20 canvas print.  Nice! But we then decided to print our New Zealand photos elsewhere.  So now this gift certificate is expiring and we could not think of any photos we wanted to get blown up!  Well sure, there's a few but we thought, our house is already full of New Zealand photos, Wedding photos, Europe photos...so we kind of want a little something else, something different then a photograph, something more unique. This dilemma (granted, it's a nice one to have...) lead me back to the photo manipulation skills I learned in college but rarely have the chance to use! I waded through piles and piles of negatives, did some photoshop work and came out with something I really love!
PHEW, what a long explanation, when all I really wanted to show you is the fruits of my labor.  Enjoy!
This is the one we went with!  Windmills on the island of Mykonos, Greece

Gondolas in Venice
Ponte sant'Angelo across the Tiber river in Rome

And the ominous gargoyle from the top of Notre Dame overlooking Paris. 


  1. Are you going to use one of these for your canvas? I really like the bridge over the river in Rome, so calming.

  2. SO COOL! You are so talented, Jill.

  3. Thanks Jennifer! We actually chose to go with the windmill one, I think it has the most sentimental value for me and felt like it would fit well in our house decor. But I do love that blue-ish river one too!
    Thanks Leigh! :)