Jul 19, 2011

This summer I'm into...

all of these things.  No rhyme or reason, this season I'm into these things.  Enjoy!
Planters from Pottery Barn, I'd love to cover my porch with these! 

These knitted poufs have long been on my list of things 'to buy', though my hangup is I'm not sure where to put it in the house! 

This was one of my favorite wedding gifts, so personal and I love it!  I recently decided that it was ok to actually use instead of just admire, so if you come over, you'll probably see it holding some cheese to be eaten. 

Scrabble tiles!  As necklace items, as inspiration for decor, who knows what possibilities they hold! 
Copper lanterns from Pier 1, really like this type of metal look.

1 comment:

  1. Those knitted poofs look like they could double as ottomans!! LOVE the lanterns!!