Oct 26, 2009

Art:21 is Back!

For those of you who haven't yet experienced Art:21 yet, I suggest you get on it!  Their 5th season premiered at the beginning of October, and what a season.  Artists like Baldessari, Doris Salcedo, William KentridgeMary Heilmann, Paul McCarthy, and my personal least favorite, Jeff Koonz.  (I do dislike Jeff Koonz, but these other artists are near and dear to my heart, some I have met, some I've written on for exhibition catalogues...they are wonderful!)  These documentaries about artists living and working in the 21st century has some of the most accessible explanations of contemporary art anywhere.  The format is simply Q&A with the artist, but the care and thoughtfulness put into their answers, as well as the editing done to the footage, creates a succinct and very understandable look into their artwork.  What a feat, knowing what the majority of people's responses are to contemporary art, it is quite an accomplishment to make it accessible to the public like this.  Kudos to Art:21 to be sure.
But good news is still to come, if you're like me and have never been able to figure out when they actually air where you live, then I have some good news. Now PBS has put every episode of all 5 seasons up on their website!  Click here to watch, and enjoy!

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