Oct 1, 2009


So my best friend and I have been going back and forth about starting a blog, so here I am, just giving it whirl. I never started blogging before because I kept thinking, who would read things I want to write about? So, to you who are reading, thank you! :) You're probably thinking why did she name her blog kaleidoscope?  Mostly because I couldn't think of a witty phrase/jingle that encompassed all the things I want to talk about.  But also because I love the word kaleidoscope.

Not to get all...when I was a kid on you...but when I went to summer camp as a kid, our counselors used to name themselves something, example, my counselors were kit-kat and crutch.  I always used to think to myself, if I'm a counselor I'll have a much cooler name then those.  I thought about it on and off for years and finally about 10 years ago, decided I would be kaleidoscope.  From that point, I grew to love so many other things about kaleidoscopes: the colors, their changing patterns, good clean visual fun!

Essentially this blog is going to be about anything and everything that intrigues me, which are mostly things like art, art history, design, color, pattern, interior design, paper, hand made things, architecture and so much more. I hope you enjoy, and just to start us off, I've included a few beautiful kaleidoscope images.  Who doesn't love these!?

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