May 19, 2010

Garden Trinkets

We just planted our garden this past weekend and I, at long last, got to put my new garden markers in their pots!  I can't tell you how excited I was, I've been wishing and wanting these for a long time and finally I got them (a happy promotion present to myself!) and they are now in their pots and looking beautiful.  The artist that made them uses old silverware and pounds the letters right into the silver. You  can buy these from her shop here
As I was purchasing these, I stumbled across many other really cute garden markers that I wanted to share.  These are for those that aren't into the vintage/re-purposed look.  These you can buy on etsy
  And for those looking to something similar to mine (I purchased mine from monkeysalwayslook) there's these cuties (from etsy also). 
I just think there's something to be said about the small things.  Granted, some of these could be considered a needless expense, but for me when I see them it makes me smile so it's worth it.
Another cute example, but different then the others.  Find them here.
And the last few. (You can find them here, and here).

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