Apr 7, 2010

Dining Room Tables

One thing our house is sadly lacking, is a formal dining room.  Right now we have a simple eating area that has a small round table in it, one I inherited from my parents.  Its a great, solid oak table, but I dream of one day having a formal dining room and getting a beautiful, long dining room table to fill it! It's definitely something that's going to be an investment for us.  I'm tired of the college days, buying cheap furniture that falls apart in a couple years.  This table I want to last until we are too old to entertain anymore.
With that in mind, I've been looking and have found some beautiful items.
Something simple & rectangular is really what I'm looking for.
One of the more popular table trends I've seen in the last 5 years is having one long bench for seating on one side of a long table.  I really love this, almost adds a better sense of community to the dining experience, plus being extremely practical for fitting more people.
I love the combination of steel/metal and wood in this table.
My next question is, if the table has a matching bench, what do you do about the other chairs you'll need?  I suppose I've always thought a table should have matching chairs, but I'm warming to the idea that the chairs needn't match at all!
Oh the possibilities! 

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