Jan 13, 2011

Letterpress Drawer Upcycling

The other day I stumbled upon this Etsy shop, and it is now become one of my favorites!
I love when transforming something rather mundane turns it into something functional and beautiful.  Especially something like a 'Letterpress Drawer' or Printer Drawer that has been used in a cool setting to do a lot of things, but is now simply outdated and unused.
 Here's an example of one of these drawers as they used to function.  So many people are upcycling these and thinking of new and cool ways to use these pieces.  I'm loving it!  4EyesandEars Shop is using these same 'letterpress drawers' to create a wine cork boards. 
And Xenasdad Shop is creating furniture out of these! Lovely. And another example of their work here

I get so excited by up-cycling like this.  I'll keep passing on more ideas when I see them.  I think this could be goal to find at the swap meets this summer.  But where to put it in the house....mm.


  1. Cool ideas! I recently saw a blogger who repurposed a letterpress drawer into her spice rack. I was completely jealous of the result!

  2. I love this! Unique and creative. Possibly a better idea for all those corks I've been saving. Thanks for the inspiration.