Dec 15, 2010

Baby Annoucements in Etsy Shop

So, I just posted 2 new things in my Etsy shop!  I'm really excited, I created these designs a while ago thinking about my new niece that's on the way (just about a month now!).  I'm hoping that this will be just the beginning of what I'll call 'Customizable, You Print Cards'.  Basically, the design is created and I list it for sale in my shop.  Then people can purchase the design, they then send me the information and pictures to make it customized for what they want!  Once I get the photos and text and make any other changes requested, I send the buyer a high-resolution image.  Then that person can go to their printer of choice (costco, snapfish, shutterfly, whomever!) and get their pieces printed. :)
So right now I have baby announcement cards, but in the future I hope to have Save the Date cards, Christmas cards, Party invitations, Return address labels, book plates and more!  If you think of anything you'd really like to see and potentially purchase, let me know. 
Here's the new items, thanks for reading!


  1. I love this too!! I might be coming to you in the fall :)

  2. YES! I hope you do!! Boy or girl, I can make you a nice new design to announce baby #2! :)