Oct 10, 2010

Paint by Numbers

Friday I abused my lunch plate at work so much it cracked in half.  It's a cute melamine plate (a set of 4 I bought a long time ago!) with a paint by number scene of various wood animal on each plate.  The set is pictured below.

Sad things have happened to these plates.  Two still exist, one as I said, broke in half, you're definitely not supposed to microwave them although I did very often.  The last one was thrown away by someone, having mistaken it for a disposable plate! 
Anyway, all of this reminded me that I really enjoy the kitschy-ness of paint by numbers.  Here are a few things I've found recently that embrace it and do a great job!
This great zipper handbag from Etsy, here
And a very similar pattern of fabric but made into an apron!  Again on Etsy, here
Very cool men's tie with just the illustration (of the Mona Lisa) on it.  Found here.

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